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2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION] Use the dropdown above to select the current catalog.

2017-2018 Catalog

A diverse group of students walking to class and activities are framed by modern buildings on the Harvey Mudd College campus.

Status of Catalog

The catalog is not to be considered as a binding contract between Harvey Mudd College and students, parents, or guardians of students, nor other interested parties. The College reserves the right at any time, without advance notice, to change any part, portion, or provision of the catalog; no vested rights shall run or be created by the catalog, including the right to notice of any modification, novation, amendment, supplementation, or other change of any term, provision, or content of the catalog; such right of the College to enact changes, etc., especially shall include but not be limited to (a) withdrawal or cancellation of classes, courses, and programs; (b) changes in fee schedules; (c) changes in the academic calendar; (d) changes in admission and registration requirements; (e) changes in the regulations and requirements governing instruction in and graduation from the College; (f) changes of instructors; (g) changes of rules and regulations governing the students and student body organizations; (h) changes of on-campus facilities, programs, and costs for room and/or board of students; (i) changes of extra-curricular student activities, programs, and offerings; and (j) changes of any other regulation affecting students, their parents/guardians, or other interested parties.

Consult the College website (www.hmc.edu) for further information about the College.

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