Jul 23, 2024  
2023-2024 Student Handbook 
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Division of Student Affairs


Message From the Division of Student Affairs

Dear Students,

While attending Harvey Mudd College, students will find that it’s an important time for personal development and intellectual growth. As a college, we encourage you to discover what it means to live in a diverse community and learn how to strengthen your ethical core and leadership abilities. We work alongside students to engage them in the opportunities available to them, understand adult responsibity and the honor code, and create a campus environment where learning and transformational experiences occur inside and outside the classroom.

The Division of Student Affairs, which includes the offices of Campus Life, Career Services, Community Engagement, Institutional Diversity, Residential Life, and Student Health and Wellness, plays an integral role in crafting and supporting students’ wellness and their personal, social and academic development. In collaboration with the associate dean for academic affairs and faculty members,  our programs and services complement, support and enhance the mission of the College.

All my best,

Dr. Cynthia A. Martinez

Interim Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students





Division of Student Affairs Mission Statement


The Division of Student Affairs serves as co-educators in support of the mission of Harvey Mudd College while cultivating student’s life skills. Through collaboration and partnerships, we foster an inclusive community while creating innovative programs that provide leadership and developmental opportunities. We prepare students for their futures beyond HMC as scholars and global citizens who impact their communities in significant ways.


Student Affairs at HMC will be a leading voice in providing transformative student learning experiences.


Experiential Learning: We provide resources and opportunities for students to foster resilience, exercise accountability, and engage in community.

Inclusive Communities: We foster a welcoming environment by educating across identities and celebrating communities through awareness, allyship, and action.

Leadership Development: We provide opportunities that support and increase awareness of diverse leadership styles through involvement, collaboration, and cultivation of strengths for transformational change.

Wellbeing and Holistic Development: We engage students to learn, understand, and practice the 9 dimensions of wellness to strive for a balanced sense of self.

Meet the Student Affairs Staff