Apr 11, 2021  
2020-2021 Student Handbook 
2020-2021 Student Handbook

Student Organizations & Student Officers

HMC Departmental Organizations

In general, each major has a social organization to promote student-faculty relations. Meetings are informal and on a non-academic basis. In addition, HMC, along with the other colleges, holds institutional membership in professional academic organizations, many of which nominate undergraduates for membership. Listed below are some of the student and professional organizations at HMC.

American Chemical Society

American Institute of Chemical Engineers

American Institute of Physics

American Mathematical Society

American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

American Society for Cell Biology

American Society for Engineering Education

American Society of Civil Engineers

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

American Society of Plant Biology

The Association for Computing Machinery

The Association of Symbolic Logic

Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Mathematical Association of America

Pi Mu Epsilon (national honor society for mathematics majors)

Sigma Phi Sigma (national honor society for physics majors)

Sigma Xi (national honor society for scientists and engineers)

Society for the Advancement of Chicanos & Native Americans in Science

Society for the Advancement of Latino Scientific Achievement

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology

Society of Physics Students

Society of Women Engineers

Tau Beta Pi (national honor society for engineers)

ASHMC-Chartered Organizations

All HMC student organizations (not including professional societies) must have a charter ratified by the ASHMC Council to be recognized and considered for annual budgeting. For more information about these or other HMC organizations, or about the chartering process, contact the Club Directors.

Adventure Club

AI Club

Anime Club

Art Club

BBQ Club


Big Pranks Club
Black Lives and Allies at Mudd


Botany Club


Chocolate Society

Combat Robotics

Crafting Club



Delta H (Outdoors club)

Double Standard CTF

DUCK! (Improv Comedy)

Effective Altruism Club

Engineers for a Sustainable World/ Mudders Organizing for Sustainability Solutions (ESW/MOSS)

EPAIC (Exploring Pan-Asian Identity and Culture Club)



Gardening Club

Happiness at HMC (H2MC)

Harvey Mudd Jam Society

Health Bots Club

HMC Esports

Horror Games Club

HotDawg Club

Ice Cream Club

Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association -
Harvey Mudd College (KSEA-HMC)

Marc (amateur rocketry)


MMAD (Mudders Making a Difference - volunteering)

Muddraker (student newspaper)


Origami Club


PopSHMC (Bubble Wrap Popping Club)
Project Decode

Robotics Alumni at Mudd

Rom-Com Club

Snow Club (winter sports)

Society of Professional Latinxs in STEM (SPLS)

Society of Women Engineers

Soda Club

Spectrum Charter

Study Cloud Club

Wine Enthusiasts

Women in Math Club

Women in Physics Club

Five-College Organizations

All 5-College organizations wishing to receive annual funding must register at the Associated Students of Pomona College Office on the Pomona Campus (Smith Campus Center). For more information on the present status and leaders of 5-College organizations, contact the ASPC Business Office at 909.607.2268.

The following is a sample of 5-C organizations:

5-C Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company

5C InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

After School Specials (a cappella)

5C Human Rights Club

Badminton Club

CC Democrats

CC Republicans

Chinese Student Association

Circle K

Claremont Finance Conference

Claremont Shades (a cappella)

EKTA (South Asian)

Equestrian Team

Extravaganza Magazine

Feminist Remix

Figure Drawing

Club Hillel

Hindu Society

Hui Laulea (Hawai’ian)

International Club

International Festival

Jewish Mentor Program (JMP)

Jewish Student Union (JSU)

Kosher Chords (a cappella)

KSPC (radio)

Mariachi Serrano de Claremont

Men’s Blue and White (a cappella)

Men’s Ultimate Frisbee

ASHMC Officers 2018–2019

President Kyle Grace ‘21
Senate Chair. Alice Chi ‘21
Treasurer Chris Thompson ‘21
Judiciary Board Chair Dylan Sotir ‘21
Disciplinary Board Chair Seth Isaacson ‘21
Honor Board Representatives, Senior Class  
Honor Board Representatives, Junior Class  
Honor Board Representatives, Sophomore Class  
Sustainability Directors Skylar Gering ‘22 & Ingrid Tsang ‘22
Social Directors Lorenzo Calvano ‘21
  Holly Frank ‘20
Club Chair Martin Gonzalez’21
Diversity Directors Nancy Cao ‘21 & Cathy Chang ‘21
Committee for Activities Planning Director Daphne Poon ‘21
  Christina Chai ‘21
Residential Affairs Liaison Benjamin Khoury ‘22 & Athena Li ‘21
Executive Assistant Becca Blyn ‘22

Class Presidents

Senior Class Tiffany Madruga ‘20
  Priyanka Argawal ‘20
Junior Class Yaqub Mahsud ‘21
  Jacob Donenfeld ‘21
Sophomore Class Jenny Lee ‘22
  Mariesa Teo ‘22
First-year Class TBD

Dorm Presidents

Atwood Adrian Garcia ‘20, Djassi Julien ‘20, Spencer Rosen ‘20, Peter Johnson ‘20
Case Harry Aung ‘21, Nam Tran ‘21, Christina Lau ‘21, Joseph Anderson ‘21
East Serenity Wade ‘21, Avalon Feiler ‘21, David Mindlin ‘21, Josh Cheung ‘22
Linde Mazda Moayeri ‘20, Garrett Conway ‘20, Sasha Bridger ‘21, Hillary Rodriguez ‘21
Drinkward Megan Kaye ‘22, Udeema Shakya ‘22, Hanna Porter ‘22, Georgia Newman ‘22
North Gabby Giordano ‘20
  Russell Bingham ‘20
  Megan Dymerski ‘21, Lindy Conrad ‘21
Sontag Harry Fetsch ‘20, Julia Wang ‘20, Maya Martinez ‘20
South Adam Grogman ‘21, Aech Loar ‘22, Ellie Naudzius ‘20, 
West Ethan Greenberg ‘21, Sidd Chandra ‘20, Cat Ngo ‘20, Sydney Wallace ‘20