Oct 17, 2019  
2018-2019 Catalog 
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ASTR120 HM - Star Formation and the Interstellar Medium

Credit(s): 2

Instructor(s): Staff

Offered: Spring, alternate years

Description: A survey of formation of stars and planets in the universe, the galactic interstellar medium, and the theoretical and observational aspects of understanding the physical state of matter in the galaxy. Topics include formation and detection of extrasolar planets and protostars, radio and infrared diagnostics of star forming regions and interstellar clouds, optical emission and absorption-line studies of the interstellar medium, and the role of supernovae in evolution of the interstellar medium and star formation. Offered jointly with Pomona and Keck Sciences.

Prerequisite(s): ASTR062 HM  and PHYS052 HM